about us & are business units of Headphones Repairs LLC. We are technicians with many years of experience repairing electronic devices. From computers to headphones. we've seen all kinds of crazy damages. As sound professionals, we have a delicate interest in audio fidelity like no other repair service.

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Rather than lose the investment you made on your high-end headphones, send them to us today and get to the music.


Our Mission

Our Vision

With more than 20 years of experience with electronic devices, we are applying our expertise to other markets such as headphone repairs and offer you an excellent, reliable, affordable and fast service.

So Why headphone repairs?

Because we love music too and hate to see you lose your investment in a vital piece of equipment that enhances your music experience.

And why in Provo-Utah?


- Because is the next Silicon Valley - (The New Yorker)

- Because it has the best Post Office Service (your package will never get lost)

- Because of their quality of life (Based in Provo Utah)






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